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Ukraine is the country of my birth, although during that time it was under Soviet rule and considered a “Republic,” one of the many forced into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (better known as the USSR). It has a rich history, having one of the main trade cities (Kyiv) in Europe around the turn of the first millenium, during a period known as the Kyivan-Rus. Around this time it also became Christianized and adopted the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith.

Recently, Ukraine has been in the global spotlight and world news during the EuroMaidan Revolution and subsequent hybrid war with Russia (and its supported separatists). Throughout its history, full of suffering and bitter harvests, under occupation in multiple world wars and lingering corruption afterwards, there has remained a sense of hope and courage despite the tragedies. This is a country desperately in need of Christian reformation and having roots therein, it has remained in my heart.

Yuriy Popko

Yuriy Popko at the Maidan in Kyiv, Ukraine

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