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Here’s a Way to Support Ukraine:

March 16, 2014
by George

Recently, while considering how to help Ukraine in it’s struggle for independence, I was inspired with a unique idea: I designed this cloth patch in the form of a badge which can be sewn onto just about anything, such as clothing, backpacks, etc., and worn or displayed as a symbol of reliance upon the Supreme Ruler of the World for the preservation of Ukraine. It depicts the Ukrainian coat of arms symbol, the Trident, which developed over the course of the nation’s thousand year history of Christian influence. The two mirrored letters ‘B’ forming the outside designate Christ as King of kings, the central cross (from Kherson in Crimea) within the Holy Trinity. In a fascinating way the letters could also spell out ‘воля’ which means will, freedom or liberty. If you would like to make a donation of at least $5 to support efforts to promote a Christian reformation and bring hope to the Ukrainian people in the midst of the unpredictable events happening in their country, I will gladly send you this as a souvenir for your contribution. Thank you for supporting freedom around the world!

The Ukrainian coat of arms with inscription: God save (Ukrainian liberty)

The Ukrainian coat of arms with inscription: God save (Ukrainian faith and liberty) – Yuriy Popko

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